Mainstream social media apps and sites could benefit from improvements. A network effect is good for stakeholders in many ways. A network effect also increases the difficulty that a new social media app/site might have in gaining participants. Social media websites and apps should share the majority of net profits with content creators.

Social media sites and apps only are useful, fun, and interesting because of original content creations (written text/pictures/videos/streams) created by creators.

Many social media sites and app run advertising that they earn revenue and money from. Why should content creators not be awarded a certain amount of net profit from advertising? Advertising is only profitable because of users of social media sites/apps. Users and participants only utilize social media sites and app because on these sites and apps there is content. This content is created by social media site/app users/participants in extremely significant ways.

Help to develop social media sites and apps that are open source, distributed, and net profit sharing with content creators (when there is a financial profit).

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash enable transactions that have extremely low fees (maybe about a fourth of a US fiat penny/cent). Sites like utilize the Bitcoin Cash blockchain to host social media content. is sort of a Twitter alternative, built utilizing the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

Perhaps a social media site/app on blockchain could help fund a cryptocurrency basic income. Perhaps a distributed social media platform could help to fund various charitable causes like defeating aging.

Tenoorja is an organization that has as one helping to enable social media sites and apps that are distributed and/or share net profits with content creators. Michael Ten is director of Tenoorja.

Hopefully eventually, all mainstream and most popular social media sites and apps will all share net profits with content creators and stakeholder participants.

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